Ass Jacked

Ok…you are most likely offended, don’t be. I have come up with a new way of describing how I feel right now. Imagine if you will, that you are riding along on your donkey, the trip is long, the road is dusty, you are hot and thirsty. Along comes some fella and knocks you off your donkey and proceeds to ride away on him. You, have just been ass-jacked my friend.(similar to car jacking)

                         Sitting here now, that is exactly how I feel. Why ? Well, its simple really, I’ve done 35 loads of laundry in 2 days, spent tons of money and have a permanent cramp in my neck from looking down. The reason for this foolishness……….LICE. Thats right, Isabelle, Isaiah, and ME. We all have it.

Arghhh mates !

Well today is dress like a pirate day at the kids school. Fun, right ? Picture this, if you will…Thomas and I are sleeping peacefully in our bed at 3:44 am, and then ……we’re not. At 3:45 am, Isaiah (7) walks into our bedroom fully decked out in his pirate gear, ready for school. We are only half awake and fully confused. We put the pirate in bed with us, where he proceeded to elbow us for the next 2 hours until time for school.  This will be a memory, thats for sure !

                          Isaiah is not an easy kid, and sometimes I complain about his complex personality, but I love him so much that it should not be legal.

My son is smarter than a fifth grader !

        HA ! He is a fifth grader, but not your average, run of the mill fifth grader. He got first place at the science fair with his homeade rocket !! Complete with a blue ribbon. I am ashamed of my fear that he would be dissappointed, ashamed, but eager for the next opportunity to believe in him.

                  Isabelle, on the other hand did not win anything. She handled it well, better than me. Why do I feel like these children are still somehow inside of me, and connected by flesh and blood to my heart ? I know. Its how God  feels, duh.

 ps. I will post a picture later. peace….hope you don’t need it as much as I do.

Isaiah’s ears

I posted a while back about Isaiah’s hearing problem, well here is the update….large amount of fluid behind the eardrum. He will be put to sleep and have the fluid suctioned out, at that time the dr. will will put tubes in (again, he had them when he was 1) and possibly remove his adnoids, too. I know it is simple, but it is traumatic anytime your child is put to sleep. So, pray for his peace of mind….He is not thrilled.

              The good news is, he should be able to hear perfectly when the surgery is done !! For who knows how long ,he has been hearing as if under water, what a happy day it will be when he can hear us clearly !!

        I believe that the Lord showed me that this hearing problem caused Isaiah to feel isolated, thats the word I keep getting, but no more…….victory is in site! Isaiah will be stronger for this, he already is. I am so grateful for every blessing ,big and small.

Knotted stomach

Well, tonight is Adam’s 5th grade challenge play. Its called “a year in the life of the peanuts gang”. I am so nervous and excited that my stomach is in knots ! This is just another example of how Adam can do ANYTHING he puts his mind to. When auditions started, months ago, I found myself preparing him for the worst.

                           Why did I do that ? I was afraid he would be dissappointed. Well, he picked out a monologue from the classic movie….nacho libre, and he worked on a funny dance, and then…he prayed. Personally, I thought it was a little ambitious, but he had his mind made up. He was trying out for ….snoopy! It was the only part he was interested in, and he set his eyes on the prize. After several callbacks and weeks of deliberation, we found out…..HE GOT IT!!

                     Tonight is the night. I get to watch my son play a part that he felt belonged to him from the start. I get to have my faith restored, that when you want something bad enough and you work hard….it CAN be yours. These kids, they teach me something new every day.

Adam is in the paper !

Last week I got a phone call from the Greenville News. The voice on the other end of the line asked for the parent of Adam Wirthlin. Anyone who knows Adam knows that this sent panic through me…..”has he done it, did he finally impeach the fifth grade president ?, started a politically incorrect debate, insulted the president ?” Alas, his teacher submitted some  poems and Adam’s was chosen !! SHOCKER, he hates to write. So ,when he came home, I asked him what the poem was about. He did not even remember. He had jotted something down and turned it in.

                   This just goes to show how the things we say or do can seem unimportant to us, but special or spot on to someone else.It also shows that Adam’s possibilities are limitless……….So, go get a paper and read what my baby wrote !! There is a picture too.

faith is not a four letter word

I am REALLY not being disrespectful. Laughter is the medicine that works best for me. Isaiah got a stomach virus the 2nd week of school, it lasted 10 days and made its way through all of us, add it up people. Thats a months worth of sick. We had a couple of good days after that and then, Isaiah got a throat infection/cold and Thomas had ear/sinus infection. Anti-biotics to the rescue. Another week of our lives gone. They finish their meds like good little boys and WHAM 3 days later, Thomas has pneumonia. That was 2 weeks ago. Flash to this past sunday…Isaiah went to bed with a cold and woke up with his eye crusted over. Back to the dr. more anti-biotics. Hello….pink-eye. He is recovering well, really a trooper. Picked Adam up at school, he said his eye was hurting, and within an hour I knew…he has it too. The dr. was wise enough to give us extra meds.

                The moral of the story is that even though these have been little bitty struggles in the scheme of the world, they have really gotten me down. It feels like we can’t catch a break. Instead of saying #%$@, I guess I should try a little faith. Pray for us.

simple question…simple answer

What kid has not asked, at one time or another,”what does JESUS look like?” I think it is a simple question. I have given a variety of answers over the years ranging from the bare minimum of information all the way to reading exactly what the Bible says about it. Well, when Isaiah ( my youngest ) asked the other night (why do all the questions come when you are laying in bed?) I was tired frankly, and so I said, “why don’t you just ask him to show you what he looks like ?” So, he turned over, head in the pillow for just a second, and said….”he showed me his  LION FACE” I guess I didn’t answer quickly enough, cause then he leaned over and said “you know mom, the LION OF JUDAH “.  As if to say “DUH!”  Ask a simple question, get a simple answer.   Have a good night.

Birthday Boy

Adam is 11 years old. I can’t believe it or stand it. He is suspended between child and teen. It is a time of constant learning and leaning on GOD. Adam can understand concepts that should be over his head, he has a great grasp on politics, although most of what he says comes straight from Thomas. Thats ok…thats how you learn, imitating. I hope and I pray that we are good stewards of this amazing son. I am so grateful to be his mom and frankly, just to know him. He is funny, sweet, still affectionate, compassionate and best of all has a real hunger for knowledge, which makes him very teachable.

                   I wouldn’t tell him this, but Adam is one of my best friends. I can’t believe his foot is bigger than mine now ! Today I will pray that his FAITH will grow bigger than mine, and his HEART will be bigger than mine, and his REACH and UNDERSTANDING will be bigger than mine. Love to all, its a happy day. A happy birthday.

Isabelle’s song

It never fails, when Isabelle writes a song, it makes me cry. It doesn’t always flow, or rhyme. It never has a verse or a bridge. But when she picks up my guitar and strums and sings what is in her heart to the LORD, true worship is acheived.And I am moved.

Here is her latest….

You are the one I’m after in my dreams

thats how it seems…

it makes me want to dance and scream

dance and scream

thats how it seems

your love is like a flower,that hides a bird

and your golden wings shine so bright

thats how it seems

makes me want to dance and scream

I look in the mirror and I see something I’ve never seen before

  I guess its you…thats how it seems

 makes me want to dance and scream, dance and scream

If only every worship song could be this deep or this real. Oh, my isabelly…i love you.