nailbiter….and I mean that.

        When Isaiah was 3 he started biting his nails. It was very distressing for me to watch his little fingers bleed from it. We prayed, we threatened…we won ! Until now, for whatever reason, he has started again.  It makes a parent feel helpless when their child develops a habit. I watch it going on. I see that my baby feels compelled to bite or pick at his nails until they are hurt, and I am hurt.  I am hurt deep down in my soul, because I can’t MAKE him stop. But GOD can, so when you are done praying about the war and the recession, and all the other big things that you pray about…pray for my baby(i know he is seven), for peace , for strength, and for fingers that are well. thanks.

Ass Jacked

Ok…you are most likely offended, don’t be. I have come up with a new way of describing how I feel right now. Imagine if you will, that you are riding along on your donkey, the trip is long, the road is dusty, you are hot and thirsty. Along comes some fella and knocks you off your donkey and proceeds to ride away on him. You, have just been ass-jacked my friend.(similar to car jacking)

                         Sitting here now, that is exactly how I feel. Why ? Well, its simple really, I’ve done 35 loads of laundry in 2 days, spent tons of money and have a permanent cramp in my neck from looking down. The reason for this foolishness……….LICE. Thats right, Isabelle, Isaiah, and ME. We all have it.

Arghhh mates !

Well today is dress like a pirate day at the kids school. Fun, right ? Picture this, if you will…Thomas and I are sleeping peacefully in our bed at 3:44 am, and then ……we’re not. At 3:45 am, Isaiah (7) walks into our bedroom fully decked out in his pirate gear, ready for school. We are only half awake and fully confused. We put the pirate in bed with us, where he proceeded to elbow us for the next 2 hours until time for school.  This will be a memory, thats for sure !

                          Isaiah is not an easy kid, and sometimes I complain about his complex personality, but I love him so much that it should not be legal.

My son is smarter than a fifth grader !

        HA ! He is a fifth grader, but not your average, run of the mill fifth grader. He got first place at the science fair with his homeade rocket !! Complete with a blue ribbon. I am ashamed of my fear that he would be dissappointed, ashamed, but eager for the next opportunity to believe in him.

                  Isabelle, on the other hand did not win anything. She handled it well, better than me. Why do I feel like these children are still somehow inside of me, and connected by flesh and blood to my heart ? I know. Its how God  feels, duh.

 ps. I will post a picture later. peace….hope you don’t need it as much as I do.

Isaiah’s ears

I posted a while back about Isaiah’s hearing problem, well here is the update….large amount of fluid behind the eardrum. He will be put to sleep and have the fluid suctioned out, at that time the dr. will will put tubes in (again, he had them when he was 1) and possibly remove his adnoids, too. I know it is simple, but it is traumatic anytime your child is put to sleep. So, pray for his peace of mind….He is not thrilled.

              The good news is, he should be able to hear perfectly when the surgery is done !! For who knows how long ,he has been hearing as if under water, what a happy day it will be when he can hear us clearly !!

        I believe that the Lord showed me that this hearing problem caused Isaiah to feel isolated, thats the word I keep getting, but no more…….victory is in site! Isaiah will be stronger for this, he already is. I am so grateful for every blessing ,big and small.