🎶time makes you bolder , even children get older , I’m getting older too. 🎶

Can anyone help me with this? The answer is yes and no. No earthly man or woman can help me . No advice , no wisdom, no experience can ease the transition. Only love , the noun , the person , Jesus. No kidding y’all , it’s a real situation over here . Changes , growing pains, and the truth is that no one can prepare you. I need grace , thank God there is an abundance of that offered to me . I need patience, I have been a b%#* to live with . I need time, I need it to slow down, I want the days to multiply. I need time travel. I want to go back. But , I can’t . So I need joy , I need it every morning when I wake up and I need it in the afternoon , and I need it in the evening . Joy that that comes from knowing that I’ve loved so deeply that it hurts me this much to see them grow up . A promise that roots have been planted deeply enough that they will always come back. Oh ! I pray for a tether , invisible to the eye , but indestructible, that will connect them to me .

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