Mother’s Day Rambling

This year as Mother’s Day comes my way, I am covered in emotions. Good and bad. There is commotion in my spirit, and thoughts and feelings are building. I realize what I want is for my children to KNOW me. I want to be known for never giving up , even though there were times I said, “I’m done” . I want to be known for a million I love yous , and bedtime songs, my constant searching for heart shaped stones, silky robes, and coffee . Standing tall for what I thought was right, and saying I’m sorry when I fall. And this… The prayers that they didn’t even know were being prayed, the late night research, emails, blog posts, crying fits petitioning all of heaven… I want to be known for those. I want to be known well enough that I’m forgiven my failings, forgiven my reasoning , and worry that I thought was wisdom. It’s a tall order for my kids, but not for God. The giver of every gift has all of this wrapped up for me . It’s grace, and it’s enough, it makes me enough. Don’t get me wrong , I still want them to write me a song, and give me multitudes of cards, but most of all I want them to keep on getting to know me. And to stop being mad that they were the ONLY KIDS in the world who didn’t get to see Post Malone last night. The end .

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