Shoot kindness with the precision of an arrow.

Some days are easy, and laughter is the soundtrack that we live by. Some days are hard as hell with harsh words and hurt feelings. The house is the same, the dogs are the same, but the battle is different. I’m learning. Sorry to tell you , STILL learning what it looks like to pick my weapons and yield them with skill.

On one of these hard days, if I talk too much, give instructions, or even offer the wrong snack…I lose you to yourself. But if I can remember, if I can control my words , and let God lead me in the tiniest of ways…Your favorite song on the radio, a funny memory that you shared on a better day, an out of the ordinary treat to snack on, then you might soften, open up and see all that is good . It’s like taking an arrow of kindness out of my quiver , and pointing it precisely at your heart. I can’t do it alone , I have to listen to the Lord , he knows you better than me. But I’m becoming a pretty good shot. And the beautiful part…the more arrows I use , the more he gives me.

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