How far ?

How far do you let a teacher go ? My son’s 5th grade teacher has joked about our last name, has called him the wrong name at EVERY awards ceremony, made some embarrassing comments about him, won’t give extra credit…and is in general tough. I could see that from the start. That all being said, my son has his own set of issues, he is disorganized, forgetful, sloppy, disinterested in anything this teacher has to say…and still has managed to have straight As on his report cards. He feels like she hates him, makes fun of him and is unfair. He has been disrespectfulto her at  times(he was punished by me),but part of me agrees with picture-136him. So here is the question…How far do you let a disruptive relationship between your child and their teacher go on before you step in ? Fifth grade has been torture for all involved. I want him to love school, he is brilliant. I am torn to pieces about this right now. Can you tell ? Help, give me some advice !

Do you see the toll this is taking on my face ? I am normally much cuter.

picture-105Here is my house. Looks peaceful, right ? All manner of craziness happens here. There are 6 people, and 2 dogs. Currently, 4 out of 6 of us have had lice. Great, more pets. Not good. We thought we had won the battle of headlice hell, now Adam has it. We will TRIUMPH over this evil plague.Poor Adam, he is 11 and beautiful and very vain. He loves his hair,this is killing him. I will post a picture of the torture later.Much to his dismay.

stay tuned

I am working on my site,  it will be getting a face lift and maybe I will even put a picture of me on here. I am also going to add a page for those of you that ask for my fashion advice, it will be sort of like a lookbook,   where you can get ideas and a fresh perspective on your old closet. The anticipation is killing me.

best husband ever…part deux

p4170542 Well ,Isabelle’s birthday was a success. I am an extreme kind of person, I like the wow factor, and I REALLY like it on birthdays (which I consider labor days, since I had to labor to bring the people into the world). Anyways, I had a great idea to redo Belle’s room for her birthday. In one day, mind you, extreme makeover style !! Yipee for me !

                                           We sent Belle away for the night and proceeded to…

  • paint an old dresser and replace all the pulls (3 coats of paint)
  • prime and paint her room (a lovely shade of strawberry crush)
  • paint the frame on her bulletin board
  • hang all new accessories
  • reorganize the closet
  • organize the new dresser

We went to bed at 1 am and got back up at 7:15, went right back to work. We were scurrying because the birthday girl was being delivered at 10:15. In the midst of the chaos….Isaiah threw up. He is not sick, he was just running around, jumping up and down, and…..thats that. That is not the point. The point is , my husband is the best. As if the cupcakes were not reason enough for the award of “best husband ever”, he cleaned up the throw up. Yes, he did. And thats not all, I realized that somewhere along the way , Thomas took over that duty, and if anyone throws up (person or animal), he cleans it up. He will not ask me to do it, nor will he LET me do it.

                   This is the man that I want on my team, on my side, in my corner, beside me on the couch,  and sleeping in the bed beside me for the rest of my life.  He is the one, and he is the best husband EVER.



          Ok, she is known to most people as Isabelle, but to me she is and will always be….smellabelle. She is about four and a half feet tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes as big as dinner plates. Today is her birthday, she is 9 years old.

                           Happy birthday baby ! The light of the Lord shines through your face, I love you, with a love that could never be erased. You shimmer and sparkle and dance through life, I love that you are my daughter, you make me laugh and sometimes cry, you lift me up without having to try.  Thank you sweetie, for being mine !

                             Hope your day is filled with surprises and giggles, songs, and wiggles. love you forever and ever, Amen.p4110521

Best husband ever.

Thats right. He is. I went out tonight to visit a friend in the hospital with a new baby. I left Thomas at the soccer field with all 4 kids, thinking, I would be home in time to put them to bed, and make the cupcakes for Isabelle to take to school tomorrow. I stayed out longer than I thought I would, and was SO dreading the cupcake duty. I walked into my house to find that the children were fast asleep in their beds,a fresh cup of coffee was waiting for me, and this….p41505231 CUPCAKES ! Just sitting there on the counter ! I am a lucky woman. Thanks honey.

What is a picture worth ?

I am going to be better about pictures, I really am. It will add dimension to my words, and when I am talking about one of my people, you will be able to SEE what I mean.

Quick update…Belle had her Columbia field trip. (I went too!)

                                  Z lost another tooth, and has his first ever soccer practice tonight. (should be exciting)

                                 Adam is now an afternoon crossing guard ( he loves authority, when HE IS the authority)

Sid- oh the life of a teenager…

                                     Really, thats about it. The lice are gone, and its on to birthday time ! Isabelle will be 9 on Saturday. I LOVE her birthday. ok…later.