best husband ever…part deux

p4170542 Well ,Isabelle’s birthday was a success. I am an extreme kind of person, I like the wow factor, and I REALLY like it on birthdays (which I consider labor days, since I had to labor to bring the people into the world). Anyways, I had a great idea to redo Belle’s room for her birthday. In one day, mind you, extreme makeover style !! Yipee for me !

                                           We sent Belle away for the night and proceeded to…

  • paint an old dresser and replace all the pulls (3 coats of paint)
  • prime and paint her room (a lovely shade of strawberry crush)
  • paint the frame on her bulletin board
  • hang all new accessories
  • reorganize the closet
  • organize the new dresser

We went to bed at 1 am and got back up at 7:15, went right back to work. We were scurrying because the birthday girl was being delivered at 10:15. In the midst of the chaos….Isaiah threw up. He is not sick, he was just running around, jumping up and down, and…..thats that. That is not the point. The point is , my husband is the best. As if the cupcakes were not reason enough for the award of “best husband ever”, he cleaned up the throw up. Yes, he did. And thats not all, I realized that somewhere along the way , Thomas took over that duty, and if anyone throws up (person or animal), he cleans it up. He will not ask me to do it, nor will he LET me do it.

                   This is the man that I want on my team, on my side, in my corner, beside me on the couch,  and sleeping in the bed beside me for the rest of my life.  He is the one, and he is the best husband EVER.


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