Sometimes there is time and space, and maybe, I forget your face
But when all the roads I’ve traveled turn to dust, and all the bridges I’ve built begin to rust…there is love, there is you.
When I ramble on and words are the weapons I choose, when I hear you call and still refuse….there is love, there is you.
When I turn my back on all I know, and when the winds of time begin to blow, when all of life’s lessons have left me cold….when forever unfolds, there is love, there is you.
Still standing…commanding, my heart to beat.

The place I belong

  Do you ever think you can FEEl the earth move ? Are there times when you are sure there’s someone else in the room ?


                                 He is calling my name, singing my song

                                bringing me back to the place I belong

                                holding my hand, lifting my chin

                                 telling the story again and again

                    Sometimes I can feel the whole earth move….its you

                      Sometimes I’m sure that you are in the room….its true

                    you’re calling my name, singing my song

                           bringing me back to the place I belong

Radical ( I have been reading the new testament and it brought me right back to this.)

               She came into the room with one objective: to pour her life on her love.

           They tried to stop her. They tried to shun her, to shame her. But she kept moving, her eyes on the prize. She saw him, He was easy to recognize in this place. …the light of his face blazed.

                He knew her. Knew her in this room, knew her in her mother’s womb. He KNEW her.

       She uncovered her one posession, now her obsession. A jar of the sweetest perfume. A lifetime of wages in those drops. There would be no turning back, she had come for this, for him, with her jar.

       Her very life, her tears, her fears, her shame, her dirty name, the lonely days and the longer nights, the grit and the grime that came with the way she survived. She gathered it all in this one jar. It was all she had, and she gave it away. She poured it away that day.

  And Jesus knew. He KNEW her. He knew and accepted her life, her gift. Despite what others thought, despite what it looked like.

         Mary at Bethany has always called to me, her story, her testimony, her passion and willingness to give. I am asking myself “what can I give in a radical way today “?

softly spoken

I feel worn out and worn down, all thats left….a tarnished crown.Exhausted and exasperated, falling  to the ground. But YOU, are my protection, and You are my prescription, and yes, even my conviction.

                     catch me before I fall, its your name I call

                      hold me while I crumble, in you made humble.

                  A new start today, like a newborn baby, teach me again, how to eat, how to speak, how to reach out when I need. Rock me to sleep, listen while I weep….I will begin again, and again, and again. “a new day “, thats what I heard you say.

I’m listening……

Its one of those days again. The kind where the Lord wants something from me, only I don’t know what it is. Its as if He is on the outskirts of my mind, no matter what else I am doing, or supposed to be doing. I keep hearing the phrase “bold as a lion.”

                                   Can I be ? Do I dare ? That phrase is good for a song, but can it be used by me today ? What does it look like ? What is he asking for ? Well, all I know is that, it feels good to have him here, close by me. It feels good.

I am an offering

             I am an offering to you

               I’ve been broken down and blessed by your love

          I am an offering to you

                I’ve been torn apart and made whole by your hands

          I am an offering to you

           I’ve been salted with fire and lifted from ashes

        I am an offering to you

White Hot

                             The flames in your eyes  are drawing me in

                               and burning me up.

                               They are white hot and they call my name

                              “come up here, come up here”

                        Im on fire without any fear….

                         drawing me in and burning me up

           I can only see your eyes, I’m mesmerized

                           The flame is bigger than anything else

                            its better than anything else

        I am laying everything down, I am turning my back

       and turning around, facing only you….

                    and the burning eyes of your love.

love me like that

This week I have been working on prophetic journals for the women’s retreat. It has been a tiring and exciting time. Yesterday, the Lord gave me a word for one of the journals, it had a picture of 2 women walking and the word he gave me was,”enlarge your tents and strengthen your ropes, this is the time to celebrate” I have no idea which woman will get this journal, but I would take it !!

           Lord, can I just say that I believe your word is for me. All your words, your promises, your warnings. I believe it IS for today, and it IS for me. So, come on….come on. Speak to me, love me like that.