Radical ( I have been reading the new testament and it brought me right back to this.)

               She came into the room with one objective: to pour her life on her love.

           They tried to stop her. They tried to shun her, to shame her. But she kept moving, her eyes on the prize. She saw him, He was easy to recognize in this place. …the light of his face blazed.

                He knew her. Knew her in this room, knew her in her mother’s womb. He KNEW her.

       She uncovered her one posession, now her obsession. A jar of the sweetest perfume. A lifetime of wages in those drops. There would be no turning back, she had come for this, for him, with her jar.

       Her very life, her tears, her fears, her shame, her dirty name, the lonely days and the longer nights, the grit and the grime that came with the way she survived. She gathered it all in this one jar. It was all she had, and she gave it away. She poured it away that day.

  And Jesus knew. He KNEW her. He knew and accepted her life, her gift. Despite what others thought, despite what it looked like.

         Mary at Bethany has always called to me, her story, her testimony, her passion and willingness to give. I am asking myself “what can I give in a radical way today “?

One thought on “Radical ( I have been reading the new testament and it brought me right back to this.)

  1. Hi Angie,

    Thank you for visiting my blog on Rest and Relaxation. I liked your comment and I also like the poetic way you write. I do try to visit those sites who take time to leave comments. I believe comments are the lifeblood of blogs in particular. It is so nice to know your writing may in some small way make an impact on someone else’s life.

    Have a great fun filled and porsperous day!

    Richard Yorke

    CEO & Consultant

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