carry on my wayward son….

Isaiah (I know I talk about him a lot) is the baby of four. He is disarmingly cute and loves to snuggle. He has recently started the charming new habit of screaming like an injured animal or perhaps, a wild banchee (is that a word ?) whenever he is getting reprimanded. Its as if he thinks that he can drown us out if he yells loud enough. He is 7, and I am exhausted from the fight.

                    I know it is a test. I feel like I have studied really hard, I feel prepared for the test…..until the screaming begins and then everything inside me says “go get in the bath, forget about it, give up, let him have his own way”.  And yet, here I am…..shaken, but not broken, discouraged, but not deceived. This too shall past.p4030496 

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