White Hot

                             The flames in your eyes  are drawing me in

                               and burning me up.

                               They are white hot and they call my name

                              “come up here, come up here”

                        Im on fire without any fear….

                         drawing me in and burning me up

           I can only see your eyes, I’m mesmerized

                           The flame is bigger than anything else

                            its better than anything else

        I am laying everything down, I am turning my back

       and turning around, facing only you….

                    and the burning eyes of your love.

love me like that

This week I have been working on prophetic journals for the women’s retreat. It has been a tiring and exciting time. Yesterday, the Lord gave me a word for one of the journals, it had a picture of 2 women walking and the word he gave me was,”enlarge your tents and strengthen your ropes, this is the time to celebrate” I have no idea which woman will get this journal, but I would take it !!

           Lord, can I just say that I believe your word is for me. All your words, your promises, your warnings. I believe it IS for today, and it IS for me. So, come on….come on. Speak to me, love me like that.

wasted time

                   I woke up free, only I couldn’t see

                   so I walked around all day in chains that did not exsist.

                          who am I ? who am I to resist the power in the blood spilled for me ?

                        who am I ? who am I to resist the love in your face. offered so willingly ?

baby baby its a wild life (read both posts today)

                 mommy mommy ringing in my ear

                 mommy mommy is all I hear

       Hello morning…its a beautiful day, sun is shining, my

    breakfast on a tray …..Beep, beep, beep, beep….wake up!

            real life begins, wake up in the middle of a war zone

        one is on the cell phone, one has only one shoe on

    drink my coffee with my eyes closed, daydream about the way he proposed

        Funny…then reality wins.

           The dog needs to be let out

            too late, try not to shout @#%&#

       What was I talking about ??

     mommy mommy ringing in my ear, mommy mommy is all I hear

         now you’re calling, someones falling

        a dirty face with tearstained cheeks……

      can i clean this place, win this race, stand up straight

        reach home plate?????

         its bedtime baby, close your eyes

         this day’s been a hard, a compromise

 mommy mommy ringing in my ear, mommy mommy is all i hear

     sweet dreams, I love you so, sweet dreams my baby, GROW UP SLOW.

 For all you mommies out there, enjoy !!

new day

well….isaiah is at school, he did not fight or cry, he had a great attitude. he did not get out of the car on his own, he held on to the seat like a man jumping out of an airplane, BUT….daddy walked him inside and left him with the guidance counselor. I just got the call, he is fine and doing his work.  Baby steps.

             Baby steps are all I can manage, hold my hand, don’t leave me stranded

                what if I can’t keep up? what if I lag behind?

                 If I don’t stand up, how can I fall…..and then I hear you call

          “take a chance, learn to dance, follow me….follow me”

my own psalm

How far away will you let me go ?

How afraid will you let me be ?

Fear is my enemy, he is chasing me

He calls out to me in the day, wrestles me in the night

Lord please hold me, keep me in your sight.

 My eyes search you out, your voice, your wisdom, your light.

You push back the heavens until I am in clear view

 You answer cry, give me all of you.

 You never looked away, even in the darkest day

my spirit shines and sings praises to your name

I will dance, I will dance, I will dance , I will dance

 I will give hope a chance.