How far ?

How far do you let a teacher go ? My son’s 5th grade teacher has joked about our last name, has called him the wrong name at EVERY awards ceremony, made some embarrassing comments about him, won’t give extra credit…and is in general tough. I could see that from the start. That all being said, my son has his own set of issues, he is disorganized, forgetful, sloppy, disinterested in anything this teacher has to say…and still has managed to have straight As on his report cards. He feels like she hates him, makes fun of him and is unfair. He has been disrespectfulto her at  times(he was punished by me),but part of me agrees with picture-136him. So here is the question…How far do you let a disruptive relationship between your child and their teacher go on before you step in ? Fifth grade has been torture for all involved. I want him to love school, he is brilliant. I am torn to pieces about this right now. Can you tell ? Help, give me some advice !

Do you see the toll this is taking on my face ? I am normally much cuter.

2 thoughts on “How far ?

  1. I especially aepprciated the reminder that the fact that we go to church every Sunday and do what is asked of us does not necessarily mean that we are living the gospel. I have noticed in myself that at times I have been through the motions without having my heart in it.We need to have a personal relationship with our Savior and strive to follow his example. To love our neighbor as ourselves. I have found that to be a tall order.

  2. If I say so myself, you are truly gifetd. I praise God for the talents you have. May God continue to use you through your photography business. I am so proud of you. You are an amazing wife and mother. An you’re not half bad with a camera.I Love You!

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