What is a picture worth ?

I am going to be better about pictures, I really am. It will add dimension to my words, and when I am talking about one of my people, you will be able to SEE what I mean.

Quick update…Belle had her Columbia field trip. (I went too!)

                                  Z lost another tooth, and has his first ever soccer practice tonight. (should be exciting)

                                 Adam is now an afternoon crossing guard ( he loves authority, when HE IS the authority)

Sid- oh the life of a teenager…

                                     Really, thats about it. The lice are gone, and its on to birthday time ! Isabelle will be 9 on Saturday. I LOVE her birthday. ok…later.

2 thoughts on “What is a picture worth ?

  1. I was a Sunday school tehacer for many years. I had great respect and faith in God. Until i actually sat down and thought about it. I still believe in God but i no longer respect or love him. If you treated your own child badly made them suffer let them go hungry let them be raped and murdered .would you expect them to worship you? Of course not thats not even logical. Thinking back over the years, I’ve not come across a single instance of God answering my prayers. Not once. But I am the least of it. That poor starving child clinging to life .whose done nothing to warrent such a cold world .where is its answer? What lesson is it that God needs to teach this child in their short miserable life? And if this child is meant to be a lesson in someone else’s life .why go about it in such a cruel, heartless way? I’m sorry but i cant possibly love someone that treats half the world like they dont exist.

  2. I can understand that. But I know in my heart that the world is broken, its a fallen world….we will suffer. God doesn’t cause it though. He loves us. Our time on earth will pass in the blink of an eye, and because of his sacrifice of his son, we can live forever with him. In a kingdom where there is no hunger, and no suffering. I hope that you will seek him again. I thank you for commenting.

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