New year

It’s been a long pause. A pregnant silence . There have been months of change over here. Life interrupted in a most entertaining way. My mom lives with me now. Take that in. We are all growing , changing , adjusting, and loving. My kids are happier than ever . This addition to our family has made their hearts stretch , their minds open , they are more generous with their time. It’s good and it’s right. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. My mom has always been my number one fan, and I forgot what it was like to live with her. So now 24 hours a day she is here. If I need someone to listen , she does , if I need someone to take my side , she will. That’s good stuff y’all.

I’ve been encouraged and implored to start blogging again. I’m 44 with a full life . Kids grown and not. Three dogs , that keep me sane,  a husband that I’m in love with , and a mother living with me . I love the Lord, and I hear him.  Is there a place for my thoughts ? Do you want to hear the extraordinary ordinary of my every day?

3 thoughts on “New year

  1. Always excited and enthralled to listen to your perspective, your advice, your counsel, your two cents worth. Give it to me!

  2. Yes please write. You encourage me from afar. Your strength comes out in every post and encourages me. Write about the everyday write about the mundane. But write bc your strength is contagious and needs to be shared.
    Kim brown

  3. Thank you ! Your words are kind and confirming. I started writing 10 years ago, to remind myself that I wasn’t alone. Life looks different now , it’s bigger and better , and sometimes harder. I’m figuring out where writing fits in:) thank you !

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