Circle of life

If you are a mother with a daughter and a mother with a mother , then you know…it’s perfection and problematic all at the same time . As I look at her lying there , wearing that skin that’s paper thin and soft as a newborns, I wonder how we got here . I take my eyes off the road, and I’m swept away with fear. Memories float across my mind like snowflakes , each one different and too light to hold. You , larger than life , dancing with a smile on your face. You , laughing loud and throwing your head back. Bath time conversations are constant. You …tying me to a safe place when I start to scatter into pieces. You losing your place and getting off track. I want it all back . All the time. All the days. With my mom.         Hey my little baby girl, you’re my sunshine and l love your light. Every day and every night I pray for time to crawl , and even now I hear you call…mama. I answer , I always will. We will hold hands , and hearts all the days , all the times . I’ll sing and dance so hard. I’ll laugh and throw my head back. I’ll tell you stories and smell your neck. I’ll anchor you when you get too far. I may lose my way, I’ll be back. I’m your mom. You’re my daughter. I’m your mommy. You are my mother. I am your daughter. It’s the circle of life. Never ending. 

2 thoughts on “Circle of life

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