Isaiah’s ears

I posted a while back about Isaiah’s hearing problem, well here is the update….large amount of fluid behind the eardrum. He will be put to sleep and have the fluid suctioned out, at that time the dr. will will put tubes in (again, he had them when he was 1) and possibly remove his adnoids, too. I know it is simple, but it is traumatic anytime your child is put to sleep. So, pray for his peace of mind….He is not thrilled.

              The good news is, he should be able to hear perfectly when the surgery is done !! For who knows how long ,he has been hearing as if under water, what a happy day it will be when he can hear us clearly !!

        I believe that the Lord showed me that this hearing problem caused Isaiah to feel isolated, thats the word I keep getting, but no more…….victory is in site! Isaiah will be stronger for this, he already is. I am so grateful for every blessing ,big and small.

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