Let me start out by saying, if you are on face book…great, I enjoyed it too, this blog is not meant to offend you.

                  That being said, the Lord clearly told me to deactivate my account. I was kind of bummed, and he simply said “its a time filler for you”. I knew this already . Facebook made me FEEL connected , without really connecting me to anyone. He said something else too, and you are really not going to like this. (then again, I’m sure it was just for me) The Lord impressed upon me that facebook, for me, was voyerism in its most innocent form. Wanting to know what everyone else is doing every minute of every day…..its like watching life, feels kind of creepy now that I think about it. Like being a peeping tom.

        So…I will try to fill my time LIVING life, rather than watching it for a while.

p.s   its just an account of a conversation I had with the Lord…anytime he speaks, I think its blog worthy.

One thought on “deactivated

  1. “Facebook made me FEEL connected, without really connecting me to anyone.”

    Social networking is indeed a curious phenomenon. It cauterizes and atrophies the relationship after a while, because human beings need nonverbal as well as verbal communication. However, most people lack the capacity to realize this as silent dialogue is slowly becoming a dead language.

    It is not a tool for “forging friendships” or anything like that. It’s just a substitute for reality designed to produce a generation of people content with their own little “comfort zones,” afraid to reach outside their boxes and live because they are too afraid of experiencing emotions directly. I see this in my generation, and I become depressed. They are desensitized drones, searching for more experiences that will make them “feel real” – even if these experiences might harm them in the long run.

    I’m sorry this is so random and from a total stranger, but your post really inspired me.

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