Knotted stomach

Well, tonight is Adam’s 5th grade challenge play. Its called “a year in the life of the peanuts gang”. I am so nervous and excited that my stomach is in knots ! This is just another example of how Adam can do ANYTHING he puts his mind to. When auditions started, months ago, I found myself preparing him for the worst.

                           Why did I do that ? I was afraid he would be dissappointed. Well, he picked out a monologue from the classic movie….nacho libre, and he worked on a funny dance, and then…he prayed. Personally, I thought it was a little ambitious, but he had his mind made up. He was trying out for ….snoopy! It was the only part he was interested in, and he set his eyes on the prize. After several callbacks and weeks of deliberation, we found out…..HE GOT IT!!

                     Tonight is the night. I get to watch my son play a part that he felt belonged to him from the start. I get to have my faith restored, that when you want something bad enough and you work hard….it CAN be yours. These kids, they teach me something new every day.

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