When you least expect it, His love comes down

For a while now, almost 2 years, we have had a lot of real estate for sale. At times it is extremely discouraging, and at other times, we feel the love of the LORD so strong that everything else fades away.

       We have been praying that one of our houses would sell, its been a daily prayer for a long time now. The thing is, we have been so focused on that , that we almost missed the other ways the LORD was blessing us. It started at Christmas, we were struggling and out of the blue, dear friends gave us 500.00 !WHOA….we knew it was the Lord and we were grateful. The other day, my atm card was expired , but I went to chick-fil-a anyway to get myself a soup. The nice man at the window informed me that he could not take my card in its expired state, so I said “oh, sorry, I don’t have any cash”. He looked at me and smiled and said, ” thats okay, here take your food, and have a great day”. I was shocked . And grateful. Once again, I felt the familiar warmth of the Lord’s hand in this. It wasn’t long after that, we were invited to an expensive dinner out with friends because they had received gift cards for Christmas. Didn’t they realize that they could have gone out again if they had not invited us ?

                      Last week, we had friends invite us to dinner and a movie ,for one of their birthdays. Upon further examination of the invitation, we realized that it said “everything is on us” . Meaning , they were paying our way….we felt blessed that we are that loved. At Bloom, a lady offered me her savings card, so that my chips would be buy one, get one free. A small thing, but a gentle reminder tht we are loved, protected, and blessed.

               Sunday was the kicker. Those of you who know me, know that Isaiah has ear surgery tomorrow.Surgery that our insurance does NOT cover. Sunday morning, a friend concerned with offending me, opened her mouth and let the love of the Lord flow out…..she said “we have prayed about it and the Lord said for us to pay for Isaiah’s surgery”. I was not offended. I was loved.

            It has not come in exactly the way we asked for it, but have no doubt, the LORD has supplied ALL of our needs, and most of our wants, too. So tonight as I sit and prepare myself for tomorrow, I know , I am not alone. Not only is my  Yeshua here, he has surrounded me on every side with friends. Friends, that are family. 

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