Isaiah is doing great ! He was back at school yesterday, eager to tell all about his surgery. The dr. did not have to take out his adnoids, therefore, it was a ten minute procedure. It went smooth. The Lord always gives me beyond my expectations.

                       On sunday, Rich preached about the dreams for our lives. It was good, a new perspective on an old subject. Here is what I am wondering……How many of us are in the midst of having our dreams re-ordered RIGHT NOW and don’t know it ? If I am too busy holding on to the dream that I have, the one that I have ordered….will I miss the one that God has for me ? I don’t want to. I want my dream and God’s dream for me to be one in the same. I am anticipating great things, and as I said before, HE always delivers more than I expect…..I am really excited. I know that this is the time where my Abba is working on my character, and thats okay with me, I want to be able to hold this dream , to stand up straight underneath the weight of it.

                            So, I am asking the Lord to relieve me of myself and MY dreams, and re-order the dream. The prophetic journal that I got at the women’s retreat said “make a statement from the inside out”.  I know that is a clue….I will keep you posted.

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