Warning ! Fashion Blog ahead….

Hello ! I am often asked what makeup or skincare I am using, as well as the brand of my jeans and shoes. So, here goes a list of my favorite things….hope you find it helpful.

  • Joe’s Jeans fit me really well.(I try to get them from e-bay) thanks joanna
  • I like comfort on my feet, so I spend a little more on my shoes and then wear them forever. Indigo by clarks are cute and comfortable. Converse in denim blue, and black…could not live without.
  • I am addicted to scarves with EVERYTHING. I get them at tj maxx, the ones that are big enough to wrap around you like a blankie if you are at a cold movie theatre, or a windy soccer game.
  • I use Mario Badescu skincare…I don’t remember how I found it, but I love it. I have tried other things, more expensive things, bigger names, but I keep coming back to this.
  • I may have been the first person to wear Bare Minerals in this town….I still use it, its been 8 years. Sometimes, I will wear Lancome in the colder months, but I always go back to the minerals.

My fragrance of choice is Amazing Grace by philosophy. People always ask me what I am wearing. It doesn’t give Thomas a headache, its light and feminine.

       This blog seems self-indulgent, but it was fun.  Have a great day !

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