simple question…simple answer

What kid has not asked, at one time or another,”what does JESUS look like?” I think it is a simple question. I have given a variety of answers over the years ranging from the bare minimum of information all the way to reading exactly what the Bible says about it. Well, when Isaiah ( my youngest ) asked the other night (why do all the questions come when you are laying in bed?) I was tired frankly, and so I said, “why don’t you just ask him to show you what he looks like ?” So, he turned over, head in the pillow for just a second, and said….”he showed me his  LION FACE” I guess I didn’t answer quickly enough, cause then he leaned over and said “you know mom, the LION OF JUDAH “.  As if to say “DUH!”  Ask a simple question, get a simple answer.   Have a good night.

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