relaxing weekend in Brevard…yeah right !

We had the best of intentions. Meet up with friends at a charming bed and breakfast, do a little antique shopping, eat dinner at our favorite spot, sounds easy enough. And it would have been if Thomas had not felt like crap, but he did. He was a hot mess. He just finished 10 days of anti-biotics, in fact, but it was too late. Saturday morning, we got up, had a traditional english breaffast (dont ask), and headed out for our annual hike. We packed a feast of unusual things to eat…bread, fruit, nuts, pesto, lemon curd, and cheese, lots of cheese…and wine.

                   We were at about 6000 feet when we started the hike, needless to say, Thomas’ chest was already hurting but he did not let on. We got to our favorite spot, layed out the blankets and the food, we reconciled ourselves to the Lord, and took communion. That was the last we heard of Thomas. He layed down and fell asleep. We came back into town and went to the ER. We stayed there for the next 4 hours without ever seeing a dr. NOT GOOD.

                  Long, long story, short…..Thomas has pneumonia. He is down, way down. So you have my apologies for not writing, but I am taking care of my man. Im actually enjoying it, too. So, wash your hands people….dont forget, its the only thing that really kills germs. Wash your hands. Shalom

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