Think about this…

Why did the LORD say that we as christ followers would be persecuted ? Why would we be persecuted if, in fact, our lives don’t look any different than the rest of the worlds ? Why did he say “the way is narrow” ? Seems wide open to me. Seems like we (christians) are fat and well-fed, and we do what we please ,when we please, we watch what we please, we buy what we please, wear what we please. KEY PHRASE….what we please. WHAT PLEASES US, WHAT BRINGS US PLEASURE.

                   I guess I am tired of the sound of my voice asking God for more, more power, more of him, more help, more, more, more. When the reality is…the first place I go after a long day , when I need comfort, is my…tv. Where I can watch immorality, and I can covet things, and I can build up a powerful envy for anyone younger, richer, skinnier than me. Well,well. All that being said, I am going on a diet. I don’t want to be so fat and well fed that there is no hunger in me ! I am cutting out some of the junk. I want my spiritual man to be lean and strong, and always a little hungry. Its ok to have hunger pangs. Really, it is. It means your body is working, you are burning fuel. That is what I want…to be burning the fuel that God gives me, pouring it out, worshipping it out, giving it away. So that I can be hungry for more. If I am full of the world, I will never be hungry for the Lord. Period.

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