Birthday Boy

Adam is 11 years old. I can’t believe it or stand it. He is suspended between child and teen. It is a time of constant learning and leaning on GOD. Adam can understand concepts that should be over his head, he has a great grasp on politics, although most of what he says comes straight from Thomas. Thats ok…thats how you learn, imitating. I hope and I pray that we are good stewards of this amazing son. I am so grateful to be his mom and frankly, just to know him. He is funny, sweet, still affectionate, compassionate and best of all has a real hunger for knowledge, which makes him very teachable.

                   I wouldn’t tell him this, but Adam is one of my best friends. I can’t believe his foot is bigger than mine now ! Today I will pray that his FAITH will grow bigger than mine, and his HEART will be bigger than mine, and his REACH and UNDERSTANDING will be bigger than mine. Love to all, its a happy day. A happy birthday.

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