Isabelle’s song

It never fails, when Isabelle writes a song, it makes me cry. It doesn’t always flow, or rhyme. It never has a verse or a bridge. But when she picks up my guitar and strums and sings what is in her heart to the LORD, true worship is acheived.And I am moved.

Here is her latest….

You are the one I’m after in my dreams

thats how it seems…

it makes me want to dance and scream

dance and scream

thats how it seems

your love is like a flower,that hides a bird

and your golden wings shine so bright

thats how it seems

makes me want to dance and scream

I look in the mirror and I see something I’ve never seen before

  I guess its you…thats how it seems

 makes me want to dance and scream, dance and scream

If only every worship song could be this deep or this real. Oh, my isabelly…i love you.

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