Apple Pie

Its not like me to skip days of blogging, but things get out of control around here pretty easy. Quick update: Adam had a sub all week, he was happy, Sidney had a good week, Isabelle is away at a roller skating party, Isaiah is doing great, and Thomas drove back and forth to Charlotte everyday this week, he is tired, but looking forward to the game tomorrow.

           I am struggling to give the Lord a portion of my time. I feel like a pie, and by the time everyone has had a bite, there are only crumbs left. Is that enough ??

               I have been writing, and feel like I’m making progress, but nothing feels complete. Its like I have pieces of songs, little pieces of me that are just floating through my head.

                 my darkness held me captive in my own heart

                  until the light found me, and my shame fell apart

        Now I’ll sing of freedom and blue skies…

         of love stories and your blazing eyes

             you loved me always and across time

              you loved me through this sin of mine

            from broken down and blue to beautifully broken before you

                 you love me still

         the  bride is battered, but alive

           true love that waits, but will not be denied

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