love is a battfield

I am learning a hard lesson this week. That lesson ?? That I cannot and should not fight all of my childrens battles for them. Sounds easy, feels hard.

                 Adam(almost 11)has a really tough teacher this year. I like tough teachers, I love for him to have a challenge. He is very smart, he is clever, he is kind, and….he has his own opinions. The fifth grade teacher that he has is riding him like a brand new pony that she just got for christmas. (thats hard, in case you didn’t know)And I am having a hard time letting my little light shine. I want to. My spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak. Lucky for me, Rich just preached on raising children. And so I am biting my tongue, instead of fighting the battle, I gave him a plan of strategy. Adam loves war lingo, and all things militant. So we(me and him) are going to think of Mrs.????? as the general. He/I will submit, follow orders, go above and beyond what she asks, and when the time is right and she has a little cold, or a headache He will ask if he can pray for her. And I will be at home in the natural, but with him in spirit holding his arms up in this battle.

                   In the end, I hope he learns that love is patient and kind, slow to anger and eager to find the good in others. Love is a battlefield, and I will give him weapons and armor, but ultimately, He will fight the battle.

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