school projects

I don’t know about you, but I get very stressed out when one of my children has a project due. Truly. I worry about it for days in advance, and if it were not for the shame of it….I would complete each and every one on my own. When I say “on my own”, I mean, on my own with Thomas’ help, of course ! Ha Ha ! Tonight, we managed to study for Isabelle’s spelling test, study for Isaiah’s spelling test, complete Isaiah’s family tree project complete with coloring, cutting, glueing, using our neatest handwriting, study for Adam’s social studies and spelling tests (which is like pulling a donkey’s teeth), label a map of Africa for Adam’s challenge class AND do the regular nightly homework. And still had them in bed by 8:40. Except for Adam, who we rewarded for such hard work, by letting him stay up and watch Bill Oreilly interview Barack Obama. Thats just the kind of kid he is. I know…weird.

          All that being said, it is really on my heart to pray for moms that have to work. And to give thanks that I am not in that place right now. I’ve done it, and I felt a great sense of accomplishment when my first paycheck came in. It was nothing compared to the feeling I had tonight when Isaiah finished off his family tree with a big ol tiger paw ! Go Clemson.

Anyway, join me in my prayer. Lord, I lift up families all across our town, our state, what the heck, the nation. I lift up moms. I ask you for superhuman, and supernatural strength, organizational skills, budgeting skills. I pray that their ears would hear even the softest cry. That their voices would be a soft as angel wings landing on their childrens cheeks (please give me this lord). I ask for heightened discernment, a radar that leads them to problems before they become problems. Most of all….JOY. THAT is real strength. Fill them up. There is nothing quite like a joyful mommy. WE CAN RADICALLY CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE IN OUR HOMES AND IN OUR KIDS HEARTS IF WE CHOOSE TO REJOICE. Good night. Sorry it was so long. Didn’t think it would be when I started.

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