faith is not a four letter word

I am REALLY not being disrespectful. Laughter is the medicine that works best for me. Isaiah got a stomach virus the 2nd week of school, it lasted 10 days and made its way through all of us, add it up people. Thats a months worth of sick. We had a couple of good days after that and then, Isaiah got a throat infection/cold and Thomas had ear/sinus infection. Anti-biotics to the rescue. Another week of our lives gone. They finish their meds like good little boys and WHAM 3 days later, Thomas has pneumonia. That was 2 weeks ago. Flash to this past sunday…Isaiah went to bed with a cold and woke up with his eye crusted over. Back to the dr. more anti-biotics. Hello….pink-eye. He is recovering well, really a trooper. Picked Adam up at school, he said his eye was hurting, and within an hour I knew…he has it too. The dr. was wise enough to give us extra meds.

                The moral of the story is that even though these have been little bitty struggles in the scheme of the world, they have really gotten me down. It feels like we can’t catch a break. Instead of saying #%$@, I guess I should try a little faith. Pray for us.

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