Adam is in the paper !

Last week I got a phone call from the Greenville News. The voice on the other end of the line asked for the parent of Adam Wirthlin. Anyone who knows Adam knows that this sent panic through me…..”has he done it, did he finally impeach the fifth grade president ?, started a politically incorrect debate, insulted the president ?” Alas, his teacher submitted some  poems and Adam’s was chosen !! SHOCKER, he hates to write. So ,when he came home, I asked him what the poem was about. He did not even remember. He had jotted something down and turned it in.

                   This just goes to show how the things we say or do can seem unimportant to us, but special or spot on to someone else.It also shows that Adam’s possibilities are limitless……….So, go get a paper and read what my baby wrote !! There is a picture too.

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