Handle with care

I don’t know why I put on makeup to go to church. Because, most sundays,I end up crying. I don’t know why. It’s sort of a litmus test. When I hear the word of GOD and it strikes a chord, the waterworks start. I have heard lots of encouraging words, but when someone gives me a prophetic word from the heart of GOD…the ugly cry starts. Oh well.

                This past sunday, Rich was giving me a prohetic word of knowledge without even knowing it. In our household, we have labeled each other without really being aware of the weight it carried. I took each child and asked their forgiveness for believing that they were a certain way and that was that. Stubborn, annoying, lazy, dishonest , mean…..these are not labels that the enemy put on them, there the labels I put on them. Sad. Thats how it made me feel, sad and hopeful. Hopeful, that I will label them the way the Lord sees them :strong, powerful, lovely, creative….perfect.  I will handle them with care, because thats how my daddy handles me.

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