Happy Birthday !

In all the years that I’ve had children and been taking them to birthday parties, THIS has never happened before…..5 parties on the same saturday ! They are blissfully ignorant to the fact that I have to say no to some of these. I relinquished the control, and let them choose which parties they wanted to go to. And choose, they did. Now, I am left with the task of buying gifts and still having grocery money !!

           I recently heard someone say about the economic crisis, ” all the money is still around, it has just changed hands” So true, and God knows where it is and where it needs to be. So, I am going on with my life, trusting him and buying birthday gifts, like there is no tomorrow ! peace.

One thought on “Happy Birthday !

  1. A pair of hide gloves,couple of pairs of plsatic gloves these can be bought relatively cheaply. Some seeds ,bulbs,herbs a small hand trowel,empty punnets,spray bottles she can put stickers on .Packet of paper masks you don’t want any bacterial diseases from potting mixes..bandanna to keep the sweat from your eyes and you are cooking!

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