and one more poem.

Skin. Silky, smooth, tanned by the sun. A little chest outside of a beating heart, little boy hands holding mine. Mostly in the peace of night. Without even being aware, little fingers in my hair.

Big, dark eyes, that hold mysteries inside. Muscles inside little arms that hold me tight. I lay here, and wrap us both in a blanket of hope each night. I love you little lion boy.


It’s been a while since I have put a poem, or a song on this blog.  I have been busy writing about the everyday.  Funny thing is…every  psalm,  poem , and song that I write is also about the every day.  My everyday. So here goes. Enjoy.


What if I run so far that you never find me ? And what if I drive this car so fast, that I forget the past ?

What if I walk away from my every day ?

Will you come for me ? Will love remind me ?

What if I give up now, and break this vow ? Will your love forgive me ? Will your love rescue me ?

And what if I stay ….What if I say….I can’t make it through a day, without you….will your love fight for me , draw it’s sword, and lay down it’s life for me ?

                          Every day we choose. And some battles, we lose. But instead of giving up…we give in.  And in the end,

                                       LOVE wins.