It’s been a while since I have put a poem, or a song on this blog.  I have been busy writing about the everyday.  Funny thing is…every  psalm,  poem , and song that I write is also about the every day.  My everyday. So here goes. Enjoy.


What if I run so far that you never find me ? And what if I drive this car so fast, that I forget the past ?

What if I walk away from my every day ?

Will you come for me ? Will love remind me ?

What if I give up now, and break this vow ? Will your love forgive me ? Will your love rescue me ?

And what if I stay ….What if I say….I can’t make it through a day, without you….will your love fight for me , draw it’s sword, and lay down it’s life for me ?

                          Every day we choose. And some battles, we lose. But instead of giving up…we give in.  And in the end,

                                       LOVE wins.


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