this and that.

I really want to live to be the grandmother to teenage children. That way I can look my, then middle aged children in the eyes, and share the Aha/ dammit…I told you so, moment.  I want to know that they GET how much I love, and worry about them.  I want them to understand how in our youth, we rush, we hide, we fall…we need someone with some experience in those areas (the rushing, the hiding, and most certainly, the falling) to guide us. That’s what parents do. We guide.  Sometimes, to no avail. Some snares have to be fallen into,  in order to learn.  I am learning that. Here is the update on what goes on….

Adam is in Germany. I miss him. Wait…it’s only been 2 days. And yet, I miss him.

Isaiah got his first NORMAL hearing test in 4 years ! We celebrated that with cookies.

Belle wants to learn to cook, and oh yeah, also …when can she wear make up ? Well, I’ve come up with a system that works for me. (Let me know what YOU think). It’s called  the three c’s .  First, there is cleaning…your room, as well as your body,  and then of course ,  anywhere else that ladies need to know how to clean,  next comes cooking, since it requires more responsibility than cleaning, you need to master  the fist c before you move on to dealing with raw food, and fire.  Then,  when those two have been mastered…the most dangerous of all ….cosmetics.  Personally, I like my system.  This weekend, she will help me wash all the bed sheets !

Sidney has a new job. She is working in an assisted living facility. It’s hard work, physically, and mentally.  It is an exercise in humility, and patience. We are proud of her, and praying for her.

Thomas and I are keeping on. We are fighting for community. We are parenting our kids, we are laughing at ourselves, and our crazy life.

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