Don’t even think about going into battle alone.

I read these words recently. I added them to my heart.  It feels like a theme, with every arrow pointing me to a question…why do I feel so all alone ?  My husband is my best friend,  without a doubt.  My children are my treasures,  and sometimes, I am too intensely consumed by them.  Jesus is a companion…every day.  And still….an emptiness that is caused by the lack of women friends.  I see women who have it, that thing… that elusive thing, the comfort of a friend dropping by, girls night out, and laughter that turns to tears.  I am happy for them because, I have known that. I have felt that, and it is good. I am envious, too…because, I don’t have it now.  And I miss it.  I am praying for it.  I am praying the same for my daughters, not just for friends, but for a sisterhood.

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