Answer on the first ring….

I talk a lot about my kids on this blog. A whole lot of lamenting, as well as boasting.  Today, I will be boasting, but I know better than anyone pride goes before a fall,  and so I will preface this post by saying I cannot take all the credit for the decisions my kids make,  good, or bad.

This one, here to the left, is a freshman this year, he is V.P. of his class, running on the XC track team, and part of the civil air patrol.  He is a good boy.  Yesterday he asked permission to ask a girl out.  Without a doubt, there was a part of me that wanted to panic, and maybe even cry a little. But the main part of me was overjoyed that he was sharing this with me. That he is handling it on the up and up. He is listening to me as I talk about perimeters , and boundaries…it sounded like a strategic battle meeting, and still he heard me out, and agreed to my terms.

Now this one, here to the right…she is a hand full, I always say she is just like me, but she is not…she is so much more. I gave her a hug before church this morning, and stuck my hand in her pocket ( I’m just like that, I snoop, I suspect…its a problem).

I pulled out a tiny, folded piece of paper with an – AHA ! I opened it up, tears came when I realized that it said…you are beautiful, Jesus loves you, Live for him. Yeah. Her goodness surprised me. That made me feel bad, but it was a short lived emotion, because I was too busy PRAISING GOD that she KNOWS him. And so, I am praying today. If you have sons, and daughters, small, or big….join me.

Abba- There is a generation rising up to  meet you, to know you.  I know because my treasures are part of that generation. They are calling you. Answer them on the first ring, the first ring  Papa. They are calling out through the darkness of the culture that surrounds them looking for your light. I’m asking that you not let their call go to voice mail, but that you will pick up on the first ring. Love you- Angie

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