Sweet Spot

Shut the front door , shut your mouth. Wait, what ? I’m turning 42 this week . I just have to say … I’m in the sweet spot. I wouldn’t trade the memories I’ve made , and the knowledge that I’ve gained , for all the 24 year old perfect skin , in the world . I’m having the time of my life . Happy Birthday to me. I mean , year of jubilee kind of happy. I am more in love with my husband , and more in tune with my kids . I’m at peace ,and it all boils down to seeing Jesus in my reflection. The man , Jesus Christ … I know him , and after all these years he KNOWS me so well. I’ve crossed bridges, hell, I’ve burned them down. But I know a handy man, a carpenter . And he is gentle and generous , with my past, my testimony, and my future too! 

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