Genesis 2:19  And the Lord God said , it is not good for the human to be alone. I shall make him a sustainer beside him.

Well , I don’t know about you , but that makes me nervous. Gets my heart rate up , and sends me in a tailspin of anxiety. Not really, but it used to. Before I realized what covenant means, and how it is to be carried out.

Sustainer- the one who provides what is needed to exist, to continue.

Or…. The one who holds up the weight of something .

yes, in giving birth…. women sustain existence. But it’s the second definition that really resonates with me tonight.

My role is to hold up the weight of …. Thomas. To lighten his load , to raise his arms , and even sometimes let him lean on me. To be his sustainer.  None of that works successful if we are not in covenant. Both practicing the art of patience , as well as love. Cultivating humor , right alongside romance . His sustainer…. to intervene on his behalf. The marriage covenant is not a simple undertaking , it’s a Holy Vocation . I’m passionate about it , and so is my husband . We pursue love everyday. And while we stumble , and make our way through this adventure , God is there holding the universe together , sustaining us, all the while.

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