The first twenty.

You would walk for miles in the freezing cold snow, or just downstairs in our freezing house , as the case may be … To get my coffee. 
You would make me vegetable soup every single day from now on, if that’s what I asked for. 


You have rubbed my feet for countless hours , laid on my side of the bed just to warm it up,  gotten up early while I slept in , and smiled all the while.  You have laid your life down for me. 
20 years has gone so fast , so much laughter and love seems to have sped up time. 
I have been busy mothering , hopefully I’ve been wifing too. I realized all I want for these babies , these sons of ours , is to be just like you . And for these daughters … To be loved by a man just like you . 
Happy Anniversary , we are turning the page and opening up a whole new chapter . I love you more today than I did 20 years ago . I pray the next 20 go slow. 


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