Lessons in love…


 It is only now that I am composed enough to write about my week. My daughter had a baby. Yeah, that one has to sink in. I expected to be emotional, and to cry, and to feel an enormous amount of love for my new granddaughter….and I did. What caught me off guard was the enormous love that I felt toward my daughter. It rushed in like a wave and swept me under. I have had the incredible urge to swaddle her up like a baby and hold her. I have no idea if this is normal or not. It is one of the strangest sensations, and yet…I like it. I cannot claim that the beauty Layla has comes from me, her button nose, and little rosebud lips….not mine. However,  I would love to think that the amazing job that Sidney is doing as a new mommy has filtered down through me. She is doing so great, and is in love with that sweet little bean. So even though I heard someone say- oh she isn’t her  real mom , in reference to me ( those words stung like a bee, FYI), the Lord whispered something very comforting to me. Love cannot be inherited, only offered and accepted. I have learned this week that love cannot be too early, or too late .

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