Iron skillet….seasoned and salted.

   Seasoned with fire.

           Have you gone through the process of seasoning an iron skillet ? It cannot be done one time, it’s a time consuming process.  You oil the pan, and you heat that sucker up. You put meat in that pan, and the drippings stick to and coat the iron skillet in a way that makes any food you cook in there taste good. The more you season the skillet, the better. Most southern women that I know have an iron skillet in their kitchen that was seasoned by their grandmothers, so decades of seasoning past down.

 To season- having had salt, pepper, herbs, spices added.

 To season- the process by which a person becomes conditioned.

Season- having much experience or knowledge of a particular activity

                               I feel pretty salty. I remember specific times when it was so clear that the Lord was pouring the oil on me, making me salty with the encounters I was having with him, every time he touched me, spoke to me, sang over me….those drippings stuck to me, causing every thing that came out of me to taste like Him. The heating up, that’s a different story, those were times of pain, and sometimes suffering where I felt the furthest from my Lord. I didn’t realize…it was a process, two parts of a whole. And that all along….he was with me, seasoning me, so that I could parent better, and love better. Oiled and heated, oiled and heated.

                I want my children to recognize the benefit to this process, it is why we say wisdom comes with age. And so I will pass on what I know …that love conquers all, but is by no means easy. That growing hurts, but is worth it, and that freedom has nothing to do with not having rules, that’s a hard one for teenagers, and grown ups alike. Where the spirit of the Lord is, that’s where you will find freedom. Lessons, that I have learned , all the while being seasoned, and salted.

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