The Wheels on the bus.

It was cold.  It was gray, and in general dreary. But behind my glass door I stood in great anticipation….for the school bus.  Listening…until, there it was, unmistakable in its effort to get up the hill by our house. It had been seven long months since I had gone to work full-time , and seven long months since I had watched Isaiah get off the bus.  And then I saw him step down, monster back pack on his back, he usual hoodie . At this point, much to my embarrassment, I started to cry. I pulled myself together by the time he reached the porch. I tried to hug him, he tried to act like he was too big for that. We did our dance. Had snacks,  talked about his day. As he chattered away, all I could hear was the sound of my own heart. My heart song. It sounded like …joy. Joy to be back in this place, my nest, present in the little details that at times, seem insignificant, but aren’t.

Working  moms , I salute you. You don’t do less, you do MORE , you put yourself last, and then you wake up early, and do it all over again.  I feel so blessed to have experienced life outside of my home, and so blessed to be finished with that season…for now.  In the end, we all learned a lot. I was obedient, my kids, and husband saw that. Sometimes, it takes a whole family to make a house run, and most of all….that I am capable of more than I was giving myself credit for.

We are ready to start our next adventure….with a bang ! Hint, hint.

One thought on “The Wheels on the bus.

  1. So it was a good run? I’m glad you are glad to be back home.
    Keep me posted on your new venture with hubbs. How neat!

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