spending my life…..

It feels like I am spending my life on a Merry-Go-Round.  What’s fun as a kid, can make your stomach hurt as an adult.  I am getting used to working now, the getting up early, and going to bed early.  BUT, I hate waiting for the weekend, and I hate how fast it flies by.  Round and round we go…. kid’s stuff, cleaning, pay the bills, plan the week ahead…and what of you Lord?  The one my heart needs so much, the one I love….I’m squeezing in between birthday parties, and cleaning the bathroom.  I need more.  I am trying to write more poems, and love songs to you….less blues. You say that I am stronger than I believe, and I ignore you, and wrap up in a blanket of my need.  Help me to slow down in my head, to treasure my drive to work, my drive home, the times that I am alone with you. Give me an anticipation for those moments. I know you will, I feel it already.  Thank you.  Make me present in every moment, not thinking about tomorrow.  How simple it sounds, how ridiculous it feels to write it. Most of all, just keep on showing up when I call you….goodnight.

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