random, runaway thoughts… on the loose.

I am not dressed.  That makes me lazy, right ?  It’s 10:55, and I’m in my robe.

Why is it so hard to dress, and look cute on the days that you don’t need to go anywhere ?  Why is the perfect Stay At Home outfit so damned elusive ?

Isaiah has a stomach ache.  Or does he ? I don’t know.  Does it matter ? I don’t know.

I let him stay home.  I use the term let, loosely.  What choice did I have ?  Risk a melt down, or him running away from school.  Failure, failure.  No chanting.   I’m trying not to panic.  The what ifs  …grip me.

Why did I neglect to buy emergency ice cream for a day like this ?

What if the fleas never leave ?  I’ve spent so much money getting rid of the fleas.    If the fleas don’t die , the dogs may have to move out.

What kind of person would say that ?

Is Adam going to win the election for vice president of his class ? And if he does, will he be able to keep up ?  I mean what will come of his X-Box addiction ? Not to mention, academics, and athletics ?

Should I be telling him to slow down ?

He is going to get married one day.

Wonder how Thomas’ meeting is going?  Wonder what he put in the goody bags for his employees ?

California ? Really ?

Are these thoughts dangerous ?  Should  I be taking them captive ?

I’m hungry. Calories in.  I hate to work out.  It’s likely that I won’t do it.  Maybe the hunger will go away.  It’s like my own little version of the hunger games.

We are being tested.  God is good.  We are being tested, but…God is good.  Remind me God, rescue me, restore me, refill me, re-invent me, re-boot me, re-start Isaiah’s courage. Do all of those R things that only you can do.

Chocolate.  And salt.

Okay, that’s it.  I’m wrangling these thoughts in.  They have had free reign long enough.


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