Why is my husband getting cuter with age ? Does this happen to every husband ?  Why does the gray hair on HIS head look so darn good , while the gray in my own just leaves me looking worn out ?  Why do the crinkles around his eyes remind me of years of laughter, while the ones around mine send me into a panic ? I am certain that God thought about this…and yet, I don’t have it figured out yet. What I do know is that I fell in love with a much younger, less charming man than the one I am married to now.  Hmmm.  We have been married almost 17 years, and I am charmed, and infuriated by him. He is better at most things now. Time is a great teacher, you can’t tell that to young people.  And if you had told the young me, 17 years ago, that I would find my husband, more attractive, more attentive, and harder to resist after all this time….I would have thrown back my naturally dark ( without gray) hair, and laughed at you. But its true. Hopefully, for you, too.

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