Second week…

Still going at break neck speed.  No signs of stopping.  Adam decided to run for vice president of the ninth grade class.  And with that comes…posters, flyers, and of course, a video.  Why does it feel like I am the one trying to get elected ?  Isaiah is getting adjusted to the bad word abbreviations on the bus.  Don’t judge me people, I love the bus , and he has heard the words before.  At least this little boy on the bus is using abbreviations !  Belle got invited to a boy/girl swimming party.  Son of a B ! What to do ? Top all of that with a…. flea infestation,  and there you have it.  Our week.  Oh yeah… it’s only Tuesday.  So, prayer, and solutions…

  1. Adam/politics- he is far more clever than me. I am butting out.
  2. Belle/co-ed- party- PRAYER, and most likely some type of diversion.
  3. Z/ bad words- nothing. done.
  4. fleas/ the fact that they moved in- wage war, spend all our money on grooming, bombs, collars, and sprays, and if all else fails…give dogs away.

So, that’s it.  Let’s talk soon.

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