This will be short, and somewhat sweet. The last 7 weeks have flown, and dragged by at the same time. Wrap your head around that.  I had the longest cold of my life, which turned out to be 6 weeks of bronchitis.  Six weeks of trying to be well, six weeks of doing housework, traveling…doing my best to get on with it,  and then finally realizing ,  after chest x-rays that I just needed to sleep for several days if I wanted to be healthy.  So, I did.

My best friend moved to California.  That’s a biggie.  I wasn’t sad, handled the news quite well. The trouble with that…I was in shock.  I think I am coming to terms with it now. I knew that she was an adventurer when I chose to love her.  Now there are rivers, and roads between us, but that’s nothing.

Manchild started high school.  I got in the car after orientation and cried.  He thinks I am a lunatic.   I can confirm it….I am.  Sometimes, you catch a glimpse of how fast life moves, and it overwhelms you. I remember his first day of kindergarten.  Nothing has changed, he walked away from me, and waved.  He was fine.  Still is.

Isabelle is a seventh grader. I used to get so offended when my husband would say that I had used up all my words for the day. Now I understand.  Apparently, Isabelle is a mini-me. She has a lot of things to say. She brings me joy in the most frustrating , and beautiful way.  Okay, just got a phone call from a mom that I carpool with telling me how much she loves Isabelle.  Thank you Lord.  You are good.  She is a treasure.

Isaiah went back to school this year.  He is a fifth grader at a new school, and he is doing great ! It was his choice. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid.  But love is stronger than fear, and I love him so much that it makes me crazy.  His strength is amazing.  He is a mystery in so many ways.

We are all growing, and stretching.

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