The writing was on the wall….

            It is so true that God’s mercies are new every day ! I was so done yesterday, and after resting in the afternoon , and a few wonderful words that the Lord sent me through some beautiful friends…I am ready to finish our school year strong. I am listening to the one who created Isaiah…who better to tell me how to raise this little man ?

Natalie, when you typed the word gentle giant….you were so right on. Isaiah can spew hateful words at me at times, but the fact is, he is gentle in spirit, and things wound him easily. It is my job to see past the anger, and speak to his spirit man.Never doubt your influence, yesterday you were a shiny spot on a dark horizon. (just like HE said you were).

And as for you Mrs. Pat. your prayers are a treasure to me. I often hear people say- when I was growing up, I had someone praying for me, all the time….I am always envious when I hear that. Now I don’t have to be, I LOVE that I have you praying for me. Thank you, it means so much.

And so, with that being said…we are working. Once we are through the math, which is tedious for Isaiah, we will build a model of a pioneer log cabin. (The Lord gave me that idea). Isaiah can’t wait. Sometimes, you just have to rewrite your plan.

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