When Adam was eleven,  I wrote a blog post called -fine young man.  You can look it up.  I went back, and read it again today. I was terrified at his fifth  grade graduation. Proud, and terrified…so scared of the middle school years.  And today as I sat in the auditorium, at the end of the middle school years, and watched him accept, not one, but three great awards, I was reminded of my fear, and my faith, and most certainly, of my fine young man.  He is bigger now, his voice is different, and his feet are size 14, but he is still my baby. My man child. He is so sick of that term.  Soon, I will drop the child altogether.

Here is the funny thing about me (well one of them)…I started raising this boy, and I had the crazy idea that he would never spit, or swear, or lie, or…make me cry. He is a human being. Took me a while to see that. I know, it’s ridiculous. But there is freedom in love. We don’t have to be perfect in love. Love will see us through. And I LOVE him. Whats even better… He loves me.  He protects my heart the best he can.  His awards were fabulous, and he was incredibly proud of himself, but more importantly….we are so proud of the man he is becoming .  It was one of those days, where someone says…you are on track. That feels good. For Adam it was a confirmation in academics, humanity, and leadership. For me, it was a confirmation in parenting. I needed that.

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